a. Directly, Fondation Chirezi wants to work for the promotion of women and children in its ray of action belonging to that category of people who were and still more vulnerable of incessant wars and conflicts in the region.

Childen:  ex soldiers, girls which were wives of the rebels, unaccompanied children, living alone, children head of their households, orphans, living in extremely poor families, beggars, street… among which 30% are girls and 70% are boys. 

Women: Women are the base of the society in DR Congo but it is sad to notice that they are also the first target of war and human stupidity during conflict and violence. We would like to work for women victims of all sort of violence, women in need, excluded from marriages, etc…  

 b) Indirectly, the beneficiaries of this project are their families and all their communities which will benefit from the skills and talents of these children and women once trained and reintegrated.  

Our activities also target the whole population living in community and which is generally abused and lives in extreme poverty and ignorance. This community is also victim of incoherent socio-political system of development in place in Africa: corruption, mismanagement, instability…  

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